Little Evie 

Sometimes my reason for taking myself out for a meal is sheer laziness. I want some extravagant concoction but I’m too bone tired to construct it myself. So, what do I do? I do what everyone else in my generation does – outsource it. while I am capable of creating the gourmet (when things go to plan), I’m also capable of extreme lethargy!

Towards the end of last year I achieved an extreme physical feat. I and a team of my friends completed tough mudder. An 18km obstacle course filled with – you guessed it – mud! Although I was proud, by Sunday morning I was also exhausted and incapable of the feat of feeding myself. As a girl has gotta eat, that morning I took myself off to a cafe that I’ve walked passed many times but never ventured in – little Evie.

Located on Bourke street a block back from Cleveland street, Little Evie is an open, minimalist style cafe which has taken up residence in a location previously occupied by a cafe that can only be described as average. The teal, grey and golden timber tones give off a feeling of calm – a total contrast to the lightening fast speed of service. I’ve been here three times now and on each occasion the time between ordering and food arrival has been around 10 minutes. 

And the dishes….. delicious! Tasty and fresh ingredients, well cooked and piled generously on to large plates. On my first visit, I created my own one of a kind meal, using the optional sides to turn poached eggs on toast into a protein feast – adding roast chicken and mushrooms. And the roast chook isn’t the only unusual breakfast side available – they offer lamb too for those who like a meaty start to their morning. 

The next two occasions I ordered the same thing- the breakfast salad with a side of the chicken (#chickenforbreakfastisntwierd). This vege salad is exactly the kind of dish you want on a morning that promises a hot summer day ahead. Cool, refreshing and wholesome. It’s a massive plate but chock full of greens- you know it must be good for you!

I’ve spoken to the owxzner a few times now – he’s generally behind the cash register – in he always cares if I have enjoyed my meal. This place has become a staple in my cafe collection and I can’t wait for it to become a favourite of all my friends too! 


Love Poke, Coogee

It’s Spring glorious Spring! Ok – I know the weather hasn’t been so great lately, especially yesterday – Mother Nature, what an earth was with that – but still, I love this time of year. The weather warms up, the flowers come out, and I start to crave salads and light foods again. 


One awesome place that I have discovered in my quest to be bikini ready is Love Poke. Located in the back streets of Coogee a block up from the beach, this secret gem does raw fish, great salads and healthy desserts – all of which are wholesome, massive and delicious. They describe themselves as Hawaiian sushi and I can see the connection.


A couple of friends and I met here for lunch one Sunday and had a great time.  We each ordered fishy bowls of deliciousness. These come in different sizes depending on your hunger level. I was super hungry so I got a large. For around $20 (I made a couple of pricey choices) I got to choose 2 types of raw cured fish, two sides and black rice. 
The fish choices change on a regular basis depending on what is fresh and available locally. My soy salmon and coconut barramundi were very tasty. My friends liked theirs too.


What really bowled one girl over though was the pumpkin pie. As an American, she craves the stuff and has often searched for it in vain here in Aus. She assured us it was perfection and just like the real stuff back home. 


There are many great places to eat in Sydney but this one is so unique that I’d love to come back. The food was great, the staff were lovely and there was no mad scramble for parking or a table. If you are ever in a fishy mood – Take a stab at Love Poke. You won’t be disappointed.