Jazushi, Surry Hills

A little music with my dinner? Don’t mind if I do. That’s exactly what you get at Jazushi, a cosy and warm, alternate Japanese restaurant located on Devonshire Street in Surry Hills.

Tempura Camembert

Who doesn’t like to get serenaded while they eat? The live jazz musicians who play throughout the night are great. The music is the perfect level, and loud enough to sway along to while still soft enough to talk. Nice and mellow, and I have to say very soothing.

Funky decor

In this restaurant, the décor is a little bit different to your usual Japanese hangout. Exposed red brick walls and silver, fairy light covered decorations in the shape of instruments give the place a fun glow and the dramatic arch that overhangs the kitchen is almost rustic.

The interesting menu


The food is also a bit different. Gone is the extensive sushi and sashimi menu (although some is on offer). In its place are tasty temptations such as beetroot salad ($14) and tempura Camembert ($16). These we couldn’t resist.

Beetroot salad

We also ordered the gyoza ($12) which was crispy but a tad greasy;


Teriyaki chicken ($22), a solid option;

Teriyaki chicken

the Wagyu beef ($25) which was just so soft and delicious;

Wagyu beef

and the Hitsumabushi eel ($18), a completely different style of dish which came beautifully presented on a stack of rice, and required us to pour a pot of tea over it, turning it almost into a soup. Fun and yum.

Hitsumabushi eel

The staff were courteous and efficient, and with the bill coming to around $25 per person; it was a happy group of friends who parted at the end of their Sunday night together.

Rating: 8/10

Where: 145 Devonshire Street Surry Hills NSW
Why: Japanese food different to the norm.
Cost: $8-$25
When: Tues- Sun, 6pm till late.

Good for kids: No
Take away: No


Sushi Tei, Sydney

I love dining out. One of the best parts of eating out and about in Sydney is the opportunity to sample the best of a world full of different cuisines without leaving your city, or even your suburb. I always find my most enjoyable food experiences are when I’m eating a meal I can’t or don’t cook at home.

Katsu chicken and Zaru Soba noodles

For me, Japanese food falls into that category. I love it but never make it. As such, I get really excited when a find an awesome Japanese restaurant like Sushi Tei.

Salmon and Avocado Sushi

It was a drizzly Wednesday night. It was dark; I was wet, but then I walked into the warm golden light of Sushi Tei and everything was better.

Located on the corner of Chifley Square and Hunter street, Sushi Tei attracts a broad customer base from business associates to young couples, and is bustling both day and night.

A healthy and delicious salad

Decorated in a modern, earthy, style – the restaurant itself is very large with table seating, together with a sushi bar area as well as long banquet tables out back. You wouldn’t notice it’s size immediately though, as wooden columns and screens have been used to divide up the area and create an intimate space. No matter where you sit, 90% of the other diners aren’t visible, and most of the conversations are muted out. All you hear is a happy buzz.

The giant menu, Alice in Wonderland style.

Like the restaurant, the menu is massive, and I don’t just mean the selection. A multipaged booklet that could double as a table cloth, it requires two hands to turn the pages, and 15 minutes of ‘quiet time’ to determine what to order.

A feast for many…not two

The result? Way, way too much food. It was worth it though. Every item was delicious. Crispy chicken Katsu ($12); and zaru soba noodles ($9) which came with miso soup; together with an avocado and salmon sushi roll ($6), with an immense pile of greens, tomatoes and seaweed which they called the green salad…a steal for just $11, and the mixed sushi platter ($22); an epic arrangement of individual sushi items and six rolled sushi pieces served in a giant wooden platter. This was my favorite.

The amazing mixed sushi platter

The assortment of fish was plentiful and fresh, and the rice was moist, firm and tasty.

At the end of the night, getting out of my seat with my stomach that full was a real struggle. Yep, my life is hard. On the bright side, the rain had cleared, allowing for a beautiful stroll down to circular quay.

Rating: 9/10

Where: 1 Chifley Square Sydney NSW
Why: Beautiful, fresh seafood.
Cost: $3- $35
When: Monday to Sunday, 11.30am- 10.00pm.

Good for kids: No
Take away: Yes – Bento Boxes