Bonding by Baking 

Food and family go hand in hand and one of my favourite things to do is bake with my dad. I think I got my love of cooking from my papa bear as although my parents are both excellent cooks, my dad’s the one who really loves it. 
On a beautiful but cold Autumn afternoon, he and I bonded the best way we know how, by baking a pear and almond flan. This was truely a family affair as the recipe we used came from my brother’s father in law (aka Shnukums) who is also an excellent cook. 

Half the time was spent baking, the other half deciphering the steps we needed to take next. I’d never made a tart with pieces of whole fruit in it but it was so delicious when Shnukums served it to us at a dinner party a few weeks back that I knew I was up for the challenge. 

We questioned the consistency of the pastry base, we questioned the quantity of the almond, egg and butter filling and then watched nervously for the golden colour to appear while baking but in the end it was worth it. The finished product was pretty as a picture and even better, it tasted awesome too!

Bonding by baking – there’s nothing more fun (or fattening) then that!!


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