Something for Jess, Chippendale

Sometimes it’s nice to do something special for yourself. Whether it be getting your nails done, a massage or a new bag – we all need a little pampering every once in a while. 
One of my favorite treats is a decedent breakfast which is why last weekend, I took myself and my friends off to Something For Jess and boy it was something alright! 

Located in Chippendale a block up from Broadway, this place may be outside the stereotypical foodie districts but it is certainly known- the queue is evidence of that! 

From the moment we walked in and spied the pastry display case, I was excited. From beautiful looking three cheese cheesecakes and muffins to quiches and smoked meat sandwiches, everything was home made and very tempting! 
It took a while to get a table but once we did the service was great. There are no individual menus, just a blackboard on the back wall detailing the day’s dishes which are created to showcase the constantly changing fresh produce. 

For the first time in a long time I didn’t order eggs. While one friend couldn’t look past the red meat option and went for the slow cooked beef cheek panini (is meat in the morning a guy thing?), I couldn’t decide between sweet and savoury. In the end my other friend solved my dilemma and we went halvsies on the corn and beetroot fritter with candied walnuts, avocado and goats cheese as well as the coconut and buttermilk hot cakes with poached fruit, ice cream and peanut butter.  

Both dishes were phenomenal! The fritter, though predominately savoury, had gorgeous touches of sweetness and crunch with the candies nuts and beetroot while the hotcakes were saved from being toothachingly sweet by the peanut butter that was sandwiched between the two fluffy pillows of buttermilk goodness. Eating all of either one may have been too much but by having both, it was like eating a main and a dessert – a feeling enhanced by the fact that the hotcakes took twenty minutes longer to arrive. 

Despite the fact that all three meals were devoured in mere minutes and that there was a massive line of potential patrons, the staff made no attempt to hurry us out and we were allowed to indulge in a good long catch up and great coffee in peace. 

It was the perfect treat – Something For Jess enabled me to do something special for me and nothing is better than that … unless of course you can also do something special for the people you love too. 🙂 


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