The Choc Pot, Chatswood

Its always good to visit somewhere new and exciting. On Friday night, just like Aladdin and Jasmin, my parents and I experienced a “whole new world” at Vivid festival in Chatswood. 


Held for The first time on the Lower North Shore, visitors get to experience an underwater world constructed from beautifully sequenced lights and dynamic sculptures. While this was held at the Concourse and downstairs at the train station, it was the amazing new world that now exists above the train station that captured me.

I don’t know exactly when it happened (potentially through genie involvement) but a delicious place called The Interchange now magically exists in a space that was empty for far too long. 

Set out like an Asian street marketplace, visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding what to have for lunch or dinner. It’s a culinary tour of Asia- food court style.  Want to cook your own teppen? Visit Pepper Lunch for a massive plate of food from $9.90. How about a hearty soup? Then give 1ton a go. The Interchange has everything from Michelin star dumplings at Tim Ho Wan to an upmarket sushi train and these places will soon be joined by even more including the ever popular ramen Mecca, Ippudo.  


Having had dinner already at the newly opened Ribs and Burgers down the other end of Victoria street (dad the typical Saffer was craving a red meat hit), we decided to investigate the previously unexplored upper level in search of a cosy cafe and a sugar hit or two.

We found all of the above at The Choc Pot, a chocolate lovers paradise. It takes the Max Brenner and San Churro chocolate cafe concept and does it so much better. The menu is unique and extensive, the dishes are light and packed with flavor and the hot chocolates are creamy and frothed to perfection. They have also introduced to my tastebuds the most delicious teeny tiny chewy caramel fudge pieces which they call cranky pants caramel  – I could seriously murder a 1kg bag of those things in about 5 minutes flat. Ok … Maybe 10.  


To avoid family arguments, we ordered a couple of things and shared. Of course we got two of the largest items – Lord of the Crepes, a beautiful lattice creation filled with a light whipped cream, topped with strawberries and drizzled with a really yummy milk chocolate; and Super Terrific Time, a gorgeous and apt name for a giant, freshly made, pillowy soft waffle topped with those incredible caramel fudge pieces, caramel sauce and the chocolate drizzle. Both plates were massive but so light and fresh that you could eat the whole thing without feeling fat, ashamed or sick after. 

Dad even managed to fit in TCP’s signature Belgian hot chocolate in milk chocolate. It was warm, frothy and the perfect level of sweetness.

Funnily enough, we ran into an old friend who was also experiencing the chocolatey goodness for the first time. Given that the place has been open for a month, it’s incredible so many people have found it. But found it they have – the place was packed – even with the extended Vivid opening hours.

Before we left we were already talking about coming back and what else we have to try. I think I have found my new happy place and I didn’t even have to fall down a rabbit’s hole- just climb some stairs above Chatswood train station. It’s so Harry Potteresque – It makes me love it even more!  



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