Kansai Japanese Restaurant, CBD

If I had a dollar for every time I heard the line ‘omg I know the BEST sushi place’ I’d be a rich woman. The fact is everyone does. I think it’s a testament to our multiculturalism and love of foreign cuisines that we have such an amazing array of options when it comes to sourcing those delicious seaweed wrapped rice logs.


My BEST place has to be Kansai, located in the hunter street connection in Sydney’s CBD. Taken there for the first time for a ‘reward’ team lunch, I have since become a regular – well as regular as a person who aches to try new places all the time can be.

They do a great variety of food and all of it is fantastic. The hot pot is ginormous, requiring a minimum of two persons to order; the sushi selection is vast and all the varieties are delicious – get a share platter to take full advantage; the sashimi salads are very generous and come with a choice of three dressings and the smaller plates like the octopus (teriyaki or chilli), katsu chicken and smoked eel are perfectly cooked and very very tasty

The sashimi boat

The sashimi boat


One of the best things to order here though is the mixed sashimi platter. The larger sizes come served atop of a wooden boat which is not only fun (who doesn’t love a theme) but serves to emphasize just how fresh the produce is. Only the best is used and the knife welding chefs standing behind the bar are professionals.

If you can’t pick – get a group of friends together and do an all you can eat special. You’ll get a little bit of everything and it’s ALL you can eat! I know right! The only thing better than sushi is all you can eat sushi. And it’ll come fast too. The only thing a little bit lacking is courtesy from the waiters and customer service skills from the owner but with good friends and good food- it won’t seem important.

Next time you have that fishy feeling, tantalising taste for tuna or hankering for hot pot. Check this place out- you won’t be disappointed.


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