Glicks, Rose Bay 

Meals can be used to mark happy occasions and they can also be used to mark significant ones. Often the memory of the food and how much you enjoyed it ties in to the whole experience, enhancing the joy and your ability to remember the occasion.

I had such a meal last week. One of my friends is emigrating to Israel and as happy as I am for her, I’m also a little nostalgic. She is one third of a trio that met each other in a life changing after school trip and have never been apart since. Given that this was likely the last time we were going to be together for a while, we had to do it right!

As my other two thirds are both strictly kosher, we didn’t have a great choice when it came to location. We decided to go to Glicks in Rose Bay where we could be sure to get a table and fill up on some carby goodness.

And fill up we did! Kosher food generally speaking gets a pretty bad rap- accused of being bland, boring and expensive, most people avoid it if they can. But if the above is the general rule, Glicks bagels are the exception. Chewy, warm and toasted to perfection, they are the best way to start your day and eating something that filled me with warmth and contentment was the perfect metaphor for the friendship I have with the girls who ate right along with me.

My friend Bec and I both had trouble deciding on which bagel we wanted so we decided to go halvsies on a rye and a sultana. I paired mine with a pesto scrambled egg which was truly delicious- light, non greasy and full of flavour. She had hers with a couple of poached eggs that just oozed when cut. Our third third Sharn chose the plain bagel with a mushroom, tomato and cheese omelette that almost overlapped the plate. All dishes came with a side of green salad and were so large we had plate to table ratio problems.

For dessert (Bessert?) we went three ways on a dark chocolate tart- rich and naughty- just like our humour when we are together.

I’ll miss our catch ups terribly and can’t wait until we are all together again. In the interim, I’ll have wonderful dreams about pesto eggs and fill up on the warmth you can only get from a beautifully made bagel!



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