The dinner party

Going out for dinner is awesome. Especially in Sydney where you can basically travel the world plate by plate. Sometimes though, having people over for dinner is even better. No need to make a booking, no waiting times, no noisy diners next door and definitely no hefty bill at the end of the night because you got stuck into the margaritas. You can eat at the time you want, what you want, drink till you have passed happy and are well into drunk and not have to worry how you are getting home.


I recently hosted a dinner party where I got to experience all of the above perks. Every time I have people over, I invite a slightly different mix so that everyone is always meeting new people and making new friends- spreading the love, or at least the like :).


When it comes to the food, like with the people I always mix it up and I tend to cook a combination of dishes that I’ve never done before. It’s a great opportunity to cross off several items from my recipe wish list and it keeps repeat guests thinking I’m fabulous – which of course I am! 🙂 I do generally stick to a similar format though – a buffet with 3 salads, at least 2 carb dishes and 1 main protein along with a couple of canapĂ© style appetizers to start. I’ve learnt the hard way that making dessert is usually a waste of time and effort and tend to offer ice cream if I have some or the chocolates people bring If they are looking for something sweet.


It generally takes me a day of cooking and I truly believe the effort is worth it. Hearing people laugh, talk and chat while the food (and wine) just disappears makes my heart sing with happiness.


Check out my most recent dishes below.








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