Stumbling across awesomeness

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the birds were singing (well if I lived near bush they would have been). On this glorious day, a group of friends met for brunch. Much fun and food was had by all. And by much food, I mean a ton! We were at Cafe Shenkin (which I’m sure will feature in its own post at another time) and I had ordered the Israeli big breakfast ($18.50). Big isn’t the right word – ginormous is more like it! Poached eggs, home made pita bread, tuna salad, smoked salmon, labne, avo and Israeli salad. It’s wasn’t perfect but it was a solid, extremely filling meal.


Who is their right mind puts half an avo on a plate???

And so, when the gorging was over, I needed to move. Given our location, My sister and I moseyed on down to Newtown. Winding our way through back streets and checking out pretty pretties in funky shops, i’d only just worked up a slight sweat when we popped back out on to the main road and right in front of us was Cow and Moon.


Since their win in the International Gelato Championships earlier this year, this Enmore dessert delight has got to be one of the most talked about food destinations ever! Stuffed as I was, I was dying and determined to try it!


The queue was long but my will power was strong and as we wound our way to the counter, I examined my options. With three cup/ cone sizes and around ten flavours to choose from, I finally decided on the small cup ($5) which gave me two scoops, and despite innovative options like strawberry and balsamic or apple and wasabi, played it safe (and delicious) and went for pistachio and affogato.


The pistachio was epic. Nuttier than the actual nut itself, the flavour was strong and luscious and slightly addictive. The affogato was good too but didn’t pack quite as big of a punch so it got a little lost.

I was happy as a clam but stuffed like a pig. So, just like that little piggy who huffed and puffed to blow a house down, I went wee wee wee wee wee and walked all the way home!!



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