Craft Beer Week, Gala Event

I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I am not the biggest fan of beer. If beer was a rock god, it would never get a pair of my undies thrown in it’s face. (I really really don’t understand why women used to do that). I am a fan of a good festival though. And any festival that celebrates alcohol tends to also be accompanied by great food. The application of that logic combined with a desire to avoid fomo is how I ended up at the gala event of Sydney’s 2014 Craft Beer Week.


Awesome beer descriptions from 4 Pines


All in all it was pretty cool. About 30 or so local, boutique beer producers (and apparently not so boutique were out and proud, showing off anywhere from about two to four of their special brews. And there was a broad range too, from doctors orders, which required medical assistance post drinking to some great dark brews from 4 pines – the best in the place according to a random guy who offered my sister a sip.


A likely story!

$30 gave you three tickets to buy three beers and the chance to line up over and over again for Mary’s burgers. I opted out of the burgers because of queue length. As a result by 9pm I was starving. When the others had had their fill of hops, we wandered out china town way to get some sustenance and stumbled a cross their Friday night food market where I ate the best street food of my life- a whole salt and pepper crab for $20.

It was a spectacular finish to a great Sydney food adventure – no underwear throwing required!



Giving it a whirl!


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