Henley’s Wholefoods cafe, Bondi Junction

It’s bikini season yet again an in an effort to ready myself for it whilst still indulging my love for brunch, one Saturday morning I donned my newly purchased Adidas leggings (yes I caved and bought real gym gear) and walked myself over to Henley’s wholefoods.


Located along Oxford street in Bondi Junction, this light and airy cafe is a haven for healthy eating with a range of delectable yet body part (insert your most hated one) conscious choices, finding something to eat is a cinch. I wasn’t alone in my mission either, finding myself surrounded by other exercise gear clad patrons- all looking toned and gorgeous.

You might think that the experience would be intimidating But the staff are lovely. They helped me navigate my way through the low carb, low calorie and high protein options and figure out what I wanted. It’s not cheap but it is tasty. The menu is in two parts: salad plates and their accompaniments and dished- a selection of plated meals and additional sides.


As much as I’m a veggie fiend, I couldn’t turn away from the baked ocean trout with rainbow chard and tomato and sultana caponata ($22) This dish was phenomenal! The perfect balance of salty and sweet, the flesh of the fish was soft, melt in your mouth delicious and the greens were surprisingly tasty. I also always love a meat/ fish dish that uses dried fruit and this one was a unique combination.


My friend picked the pumpkin hazelnut bread with zucchini, smoked salmon and yogurt ($14). This was such a pretty dish with beautiful greens, pinks and yellows and although the girls on the table next to us devoured it, my friend didn’t seem overly enthusiastic about her choice.


All in all it was a gorgeous lunch out, a bright spot in my day and well worth the trek. I didn’t have to walk though, there is actually a gym situated right next door. Maybe next time I can arrange a combined coffee catchup and sweat session-killing multiple birds with one stone and maybe loosing a stone in the process. Bikini body here I come!


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