A celebration of chocolate fit for an addict

Have you ever had that dream where you are living in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory? I have but funnily enough it was actually more of a nightmare- one minute I was swimming in a pool of chocolate, the next I’m being sucked up that giant tube where I get stuck and suffocate to death. Damn you Augustus Gloop! (Goop?)


It hasn’t put me off chocolate though. As many of my friends know, give me a family sized block of Cadbury dairy milk and an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and I’m a happy little piggy.

Strangely I don’t like chocolate cake, but surrounded by chocolate in any other form: melted, as a fondant. Whipped to mousse, frozen into icecream, crumbled, drizzled, drenched- and I’m in heaven! As such it will surprise no one that when the chocolate festival was on in the rocks, I was there faster than you can say ‘a chocoholic’s paradise’.

It was a sweltering hot day, not the most ideal conditions when you are trying to over indulge in gooey, warm melty things but we did our best. After lining our stomaches with some savoury items- happily provided to us by the Korean bbq stall – we dove in.

We began with the chocolate covered fruit. They had the traditional strawberries and bananas which were great but what was really special were the mango and peach options. We then moved on to a snickers flavoured caramel apple from love dem apples, a relatively new dessert establishment on Cleveland street. It would have been better out of the sun but it was still fresh and delicious and came with some free candy corn which was very generous.

With the rising heat, we moved on to colder options, mint chocolate frozen yoghurt from Orange and an Italian dessert comprising of espresso granita covered by whipped heavy cream. We did also gaze longingly at Messina’s chocolate gelato offerings but the lines were so long and my pants were getting tight.

After bumping into a friend at about 3, and stealing a bite of her gluten free chocolate brownie, I was done. My chocolate partner in crime left to walk off her tasty treats while I waddled onto the bus to dream sweet and chocolatey day dreams all the way home. That should keep me satisfied…until next time.


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