The Copper Mill, Alexandria

I was looking for a cafe in the inner west where the food is solid gold. I ended up at The copper mill in Alexandria which, despite making a solid effort, doesn’t quite achieve that feat of alchemy.

Situated on the long, mostly industrial length of Mitchell street, the copper mill is one of the fresh new places that have sprung up in the last couple of years to cater to the new, young crowd who have made this former warehouse area their home.

The Copper Mill

The Copper Mill

With an extremely high rating on Urbanspoon, I was really looking forward to checking this place out one sunny Sunday morning. Given that the place was packed by 9, obviously so were a lot of other people.

First impressions were really good. From the moment I arrived, the staff were really cheerful, accommodating and attentive. I was greeted by a friendly waitress, seated and handed the drinks menu on a cute little clipboard while I was directed to a slatted chalk board on the wall behind me to check out the available food options. My friend was a bit late so I got to see the dishes that my fellow diners ordered. Good thing too because I was tossing up between about three different choices and couldn’t make up my mind. Ah decisions decisions. So hard.

The drinks menu

The drinks menu

Although the breakfast roll (two different versions $10) were very popular and the granola with oats, coconut and almonds ($12) looked fresh and wholesome, I decided on the mushroom medley with basil, pecorino and poached egg ($16). I can never resist a little alliteration in the morning and I seem to be obsessed with these little brown caps of nutritional goodness at the moment.My friend went for the brisket hash with kale, feta, caramelised onion and poached egg ($16) which was one of the more unique options available.

The alliteratively named mushroom medley, with basil, pecorino and a poached egg.

The alliteratively named mushroom medley, with basil, pecorino and a poached egg.

Unfortunately I have to say both meals were a bit disappointing. Though decent in size and well seasoned, the mushroom medley was doused in oil and smothered in cheese. The mushrooms were quite greasy too, making the whole thing a wet and heavy concoction that left an unpleasant slimy mouth feel. The beef hash on the other hand was quite tasty but inaccurate in its description – the was no kale or feta in sight and rather than consisting of a brisket pattie, like at Brewtown in Newtown, it was mashed potato with some brisket mixed through and sprinkled on top. Not bad but unexpected.

The beef hash

The beef hash

On the plus side, the coffee was good and If you have furry friends with you who would also like a feed, that’s no problem. While they are not specifically catered to, there is plenty of room on the sunny side walk for them to laze while you, aka their slave, bring them tasty morsels to nibble.

What the morning lacked in food, it made up for in service, atmosphere and company. Looks like the search for an inner west goldmine is still on.

Rating: 6/10

Where: 338 Mitchell Street, Alexandria, 2015.
Why: Really lovely staff.
Cost: $10 – $16
When: Monday – Friday 7am till 4pm, Saturday 8am – 4.30pm and Sunday 8.30am – 3pm.

Good for kids: Not really.
Take away: Yes.


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